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  • Discover Lovely Loch Awe

    The village of Lochawe was named after one of the three biggest freshwater lochs in the country, namely Loch Awe, on the banks of which it was built. The loch is often referred to as the ...

  • Timespan in Helmsdale Offers a Unique Adventure

    The quaint village of Helmsdale, Scotland, has a fascinating history. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque harbor, it boasts the best salmon fishing rivers and tranquil surroundings. ...

  • Glynhill Ladies International Curling Competition

    Between the 17th and the 20th of January 2008, Glasgow in Scotland will be flooded with women’s curling teams from all over the world. The sport that has been a part of the history of the ...

  • Thrilling Activities at Ice Factor

    Kinlochleven is located in the Lachaber region of Scotland, near the towns of Ben Nevis and Glencoe, and is known for its breathtaking mountains, spectacular scenery, colorful history and ...

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What to See

  • Distilleries


    Smugglers were distilling whisky here way back in 1794, though officially the Ardbeg Distillery was started in 1815. Located about four miles out of Port Ellen, Ardbeg distillery nestles in a rocky cove on the Island of Islay's southern tip. The island lies off the west coast of Scotland.

  • Highlands


    The town of Dornoch in Scotland became famous in 2000 when celebrities Madonna and Guy Ritchie took their nuptials at the mysterious and beautiful Dornoch Cathedral. Just five years later Dornoch became the first Highland ‘Fair Trade Town’ and made the top 100 in Britain. The result is that you will be able to find the Fair Trade products virtually anywhere including shops, churches and schools.

  • Castles

    Earls Palace Birsay

    The massive ruins seem strangely out of place but still dominate Birsay. One can only imagine what Earl’s Palace was like in its full glory. It stood by the shore of Birsay Bay, a proud edifice whose cruel owner oppressed the people of Orkney as long as he ruled them.

  • Perthshire


    A small town situated in a landscape of rolling hills, Kinross is easily reached from major cities in Scotland. Standing on the shore of Loch Leven, Kinross is fondly known as the gateway to the Highlands. The town is filled with history and natural splendor, providing an ideal escape for tourists.

  • Castles


    Just three miles south-east of Edinburgh is one of the best preserved medieval castles of Scotland, Craigmillar Castle. This imposing L plan towerhouse was originally built in the 14th Century and fortifications were added subsequently. Its location is such that from the roof of the towerhouse one has a view of the entire city and its surroundings in all directions.

  • Castles


    Taymouth Castle has a well known golf course on its grounds and stands on the east end of Loch Tay in Perthshire, Scotland. It lies west of Pitlochry and Aberfeldy. Taymouth Castle was the ancient seat of the powerful Campbell Earls and Marquises of Breadalbane.

  • Foreign Embassies

    Australian Consulate

    Please Note: The Australian Consulate in Edinburgh closed in April 2014

  • Angus and Dundee


    The legendary little Scottish town of Forfar (formerly known as Angus) is almost as old as time itself. Ancient historian Hector Boece who wrote his ‘History of Scotland’ in 1527, described a strong castle at Forfar where kings of different confederate tribes met to decided how best to repel invading Romans. Since it is known that Romans invaded the area four times between 83 AD and 306 AD, ...


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