Scotland’s Seasons

Most people think of Scotland as the greenest, and also the wettest place on earth. Yes, it is the rain that makes the grass green and the beautiful heather grow. Scotland is not the destination with the best weather, but it has its wetter and drier regions. So if you're taking the weather into consideration as to when you are planning your trip, don't! In the ideal world, the perfect time to go on holiday is when the weather is good, when the prices are low and when there is a minimal crowd, rather plan your trip according to your own schedule. Every season in Scotland has its advantages and disadvantages, and the breathtaking beauty of Scotland, makes up for everything that is not so breathtaking.


Scotland is just plain gorgeous during this time of year. Summer time is
the best time to visit Scotland, although the hotel fares and just about
everything else will be a little more expensive, you should consider it as
the cover charge for the good weather. Most tourists visit Scotland during
the summer months, which can be a good thing. You will never be alone and
you will have many leads to follow, after all an empty pub doesn’t make
for lively fun. You will still get caught in the rain especially on the
Islands, but it will be a little bit more bearable if not refreshing.
Except for the good weather you’ll also be welcomed with open arms in this
season, most people and shops make their entire year’s income in this
season, so they are extra friendly with the tourists. Beware of the midges –
tiny blood-sucking insects invisible to the naked eye, almost like mosquitoes,
the only thing that hardly repels them is bug spray.


This season is probably the most underrated time to visit Scotland. The
weather is not too bad although you will still get some rain especially on
the Islands. Everything will be a little bit cheaper, as the high season has
ended. Its always good to know that you get a high rated hotel room for much
cheaper than you would get it for just a few weeks ago. Another upside of
this season is that the whole of Scotland is beautifully decorated with its
autumn colors. As the high season has ended most Scots tend to come out again,
so you will find much more patrons in bars and clubs, that will develop the
unforgettable Scotch feeling you’re seeking.


Winter is not the ideal time to visit Scotland, as the weather can get a bit
driech (Scottish slang for nasty). But it is the ideal time to go for the
money-minded people, as everything is much cheaper than in high season. The
upside is that there are some excellent skiing facilities at this time of year
and you will have a beautiful white Christmas if you are there in the Christmas
season. If you hate crowds, this is the perfect season to visit Scotland.


Many tourist consider Spring the best time for visiting Scotland, as the snow
melts and it is a very good time for fishing as the Salmon swims upstream. You
will experience warmer temperatures, longer days and lush scenery. Although
Spring is not as crowded as Summer, tourist start flooding in and the high
season starts, which means prices start going up again.

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