Scottish Weddings

Whether you are planning a small intimate wedding or a large, formal occasion, Scotland has a lot to offer. The magical mountains and moors of Scotland provide the ultimate backdrop to the perfect wedding and what's more, you can have your honeymoon here too! Many famous people have chosen to have their weddings here - obviously aware of what a perfect romantic setting Scotland really is. Stella McCartney and Madonna have both donned attire on the shores of this pristine country to be wedded to their husbands of choice.

There is a vast array of venues on offer. You can choose a setting with
historical significance such as Gretna Green or one of the many castles
that dot the Scottish landscape. If you prefer something a bit more
intimate, you might try one of the isolated beaches around Scotland or
some of the more unusual spots like the Falkirk Wheel. You might also
try one of the well manicured gardens that can be seen in almost every
large town.

And what of your honeymoon? You need not go far – Scotland has many
sights and attractions well worth seeing – many of them very romantic
indeed. As you while away your first moments as a newlywed couple, you
can share some very special moments taking in the breathtaking sights and
just spending some time getting to know each other a bit better.

The rugged and historically rich country of Scotland has made it an indelible
memory in the minds of thousands. Certainly, a love for this beautiful
country is not held only by locals, but also by the many people who visit
its shores every year. Your guests will no doubt be delighted with your
choice of Scotland as a venue – and will likely take in the opportunity to
see some of the sights themselves.

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