Relax in the beautiful surroundings of Kirkcudbright

Kirkcudbright is well known for its reputation as an artists’ town. The attractive, well-kept houses and shops painted in pretty colors, combined with stunning old buildings and historical streets are an artist's creative paradise. Many have moved here to feed on the inspiration that bubbles forth in this fascinating Scottish town. However, Kirkcudbright in Scotland has much more to offer than pretty buildings and masterful paintings.

Kirkcudbright has been around for many, many years. In its early days it was a sort of ecclesiastical center with the earliest monastery in the area well established by 1000 AD. Over the next two hundred years, a nunnery, a priory and a friary were added. It was also in the 1100s that Kirkcudbright became home to a royal castle. Trade flourished and steadily made the town rich, despite a few setbacks. The town wall was built in the 1540s which proved to be most useful in defending the town against English attackers. It wasn’t long afterward that MacLellan’s Castle was built to give the town a more fearsome appearance

Modern day Kirkcudbright is a very pretty, ever-changing little Scottish town. Besides the many artists who have chosen to visit and settle here, the place also draws a lot of holiday makers. Most start their visit with a tour of the various old buildings in the town, such as the town hall, the Parish Church, Greyfriars Church, the Tolbooth, the Old Jail and MacLellan’s Castle. Some will visit the pretty little boat-filled harbor while others prefer to head for the art galleries.

For those who like a little activity, there is caravanning, camping, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, golf, sailing and walking. A visit to the local wildlife park or a short pleasure cruise is also a treat. The large number of gardens and nurseries are definitely worth seeing while the hotels are well reputed and the villagers friendly. You won’t regret making Kirkcudbright your next holiday destination.

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