Explore the Treasures of Banff and Macduff

The towns of Banff and Macduff lie opposite each other with Banff Bay separating them and can be found in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The town of Banff is made up of a variety of buildings each serving as an excellent example of Georgian architecture. You will notice as you near the harbor side of town that the buildings change to more functional styles.

Banff was founded in the 1100s, at which stage it wasn’t so much a town as a port. In the 1800s Banff’s harbor became unusable after it was left to silt up, leaving the town of Macduff with the responsibility of dealing with all the commercial shipping activity taking place in that area. Today the Banff harbor is no longer used as a commercial port, but still sees a lot of activity from leisure and fishing boats.

Parting Banff and Macduff town is also the Deveron Valley where you will find the beautiful and stately Georgian home called the Duff House. The building was designed and built by William Adam in the 1700s for William Braco, the Earl of Fife. Today this stunning building forms part of the Scottish National Gallery where wonderfully furbished rooms can be viewed along with a variety of beautiful artpieces. The grounds of the Duff House are well looked after and incorporate the Wrack Woods where you will find many trails leading you around the grounds. Look out for the Mausoleum, the Alvah Bridge that takes you across the river Deveron and the old icehouse.

John Smeaton completed two landmarks in Banff town both of which can still be viewed today. That is the Eddystone Lighthouse and the seven-arched bridge, which was built in 1799 providing a crossing over the River Deveron. Another historic building that you should look out for when visiting Banff is Banff Castle, which is now a museum. The Duff House Royal Golf Club is also worth a visit with beautiful views from the lounge area and providing visitors with a variety of facilities. The golf course was first developed by James Braid in 1910, but was re-designed in 1923 by Dr. Alister Mackenzie a famous Golf Architect. Don’t leave the area without exploring the underwater wonderworld of the Macduff Marine Aquarium. Certainly, Banff and Macduff has something for everyone.

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