Be Sure to Visit Cruden Bay

Cruden Bay village, located in Aberdeenshire of Scotland, is probably best known for its excellent golf course. This stunning coastal village is a wonderful vacation retreat for those who prefer a quieter environment to that of the buzzing cities of Scotland. Fondly known as the “Granite City”, Cruden Bay has a reputation as a top oil hub. Join us as we discover what Cruden Bay is all about.

History began being written in the region of Cruden Bay back in 1012 when the Scots and Danes engaged in a ferocious battle on the site of the village. Many say that Cruden Bay received its name from the Gaelic phrase “Croch Dain” which means “Slaughter of Danes”. It was however only in the 1590s that the history of the village of Cruden Bay had its start. This was related to the construction of Slains Castle by the Earl of Erroll as well as the establishment of Port Erroll. The settlement of Cruden Bay was formed just inland from the Port of Erroll.

The nearby Slains Castle is well worth a visit when journeying through the area. It was built on top of the foundations of an old tower house. Over time the castle was enlarged. However the Earl of Erroll eventually could no longer afford to keep the castle and so it was sold. Today, all that remains of Slains Castle is a number of ruins.

One of the first attractions you are likely to notice in Cruden Bay is the Church of St James, standing proudly on Chapel Hill. This interesting parish was constructed back in 1842 with some sections dating further back to 1100.

Cruden Bay is also famous for its stunning pink beach. This lovely sandy bay is accessed via a white foot bridge near the Cruden Bay Golf Course. The beautiful beach of Cruden Bay village was brought to the attention of the public by Tryggve Gran, a Norwegian who flew his plane from across the North Sea from quaint village. Visitors are certain to be impressed by the natural wonders of Cruden Bay including its sheer cliffs.

Running from the Forties oilfield to Cruden Bay is a pipeline measuring 110 miles in length. The oil pipeline has been in operation since 1975 and falls under the care of British Petroleum. It leads from Cruden Bay to Grangemouth. However, visitors to Cruden Bay are unlikely to even realize that this oil industry is running through the charming village.

Cruden Bay may be small, but it certainly doesn’t lack character and those who take the time to visit the village will have a wonderful time exploring its attractions or playing a round of golf.

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