The Glorious Aberdeen and Grampian

Grampian is a long establish region in Scotland and its capital, Aberdeen, is the third largest in that country. Aberdeen is not only an economically thriving city of culture and business, but it also has a romantic value. The granite walls of magnificent buildings in Old Aberdeen provide sparkling splendor in the rain, an enchanting skyline in the evenings, and a feeling of timelessness all year around.

While you party the night away at fantastic
night spots, you will find that not far away life is less flashy in a quaint
little fishing village called Fittie (Footdee). This contrast is just one
example of the many faceted appeal of Grampian and Aberdeen.

But the charm of this amazing city doesn’t end there. Aberdeen is also known
as the “Flower of Scotland” – and for good reason. Aberdeen has won several
major floral competitions repeatedly and was even banned in one for winning
too often! If you visit during winter, you can make a stop at the Winter
Gardens – a place where flowers still bloom despite the weather. You can
also visit the Queen Mother Rose Garden which exhibits a large variety of
Roses for viewing pleasure.

If the hustle and bustle of the city doesn’t appeal to you, you can try taking
to the Grampian Highlands and embarking on a tour of various Whisky distilleries
which has been aptly named the Malt Whisky Trail. Another great trail is the
Castle Trail where you will find thirteen castles well worth seeing.

If you would like a little more activity while on your holiday, you might try
skiing or playing golf. There is a lot on offer in Aberdeen and indeed, all of
Grampian. All you need to do is find the magic for yourself.

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