Enjoy an Unforgettable Visit to Craigellachie

Craigellachie is a small village that goes back to 1750's and is situated in the middle of Speyside in the Highlands of Scotland. The name of the town means "Rocky Hill" which describes its location well, as Craigellachie can be found situated on and around two river valleys. Aberlour village is relatively close to Craigellachie and can easily be reached by foot if you are keen to do something different during your stay.

If you peer down the cliff you will see the River Spey, which was used regularly in the 1800’s by the local ferry. Today when you visit the Spey you will see the Craigellachie Bridge that crosses over it. The iron bridge was built by Thomas Telford and was remarkable for its time.

Speyside area contains the Spey, which has already been mentioned, and Fiddich rivers that are well known for their contribution to the Scotch whisky industry that surrounds Craigellachie. The town has two distilleries of its own, one named after the town it’s situated in and the other called Macallan. The Craigellachie Distillery was first built in the late 18th century with much of its renovation and buildings having been completed only in 1965.

On the main street of the village you will find the white-walled and black tiled Craigellachie Hotel. The charm and ambiance of this beautiful and grand hotel takes you back to the beginning of Craigellachies existence. On the high grounds of Craigellachie you will find the main primary school, abbeys and many castles to explore and keep you busy. If you are keen for a traditional meal then visit Craigellachie hotel or Highlander Inn but if it’s an evening drink you are after then one of the village pubs is the place for you.

The village offers visitors a variety of environments to enjoy especially if you take time to go by foot. One moment you are enjoying the sea and beaches outlining the coast and the next moment you are exploring the river valley and farmlands higher up. With this range of habitats also comes a wide variety of flora and fauna for you to see, some of which you include rare species only found in this region.

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