The Edinburgh International Festival

Founded in 1947, the Edinburgh International Festival is an annual festival held in celebration of the arts. From somewhat humble beginnings over fifty years ago, it is now seen as one of the most significant celebrations of the arts in the world.

Though the Edinburgh International Festival has evolved and grown significantly over the years, the original goals have remained relatively unchanged - that of presenting the highest artistic standard possible by the greatest artists around the globe. Started shortly after World War II, the idea was that the festival would serve to unite as well as enrich Europe, Britain and Scotland through art and culture.

Due to these high standards, the Edinburgh International Festival has
the reputation of offering a program of unparalleled quality. As it
is open to people of all nations, it has an extremely wide audience and
there is a great merging of cultures at this event. The Festival is
kept alive through sponsorships and the thousands of individuals who
flock to Scotland’s door every year to participate in and view this
extraordinary showcase of the world’s best talent.

But what can you expect to see at the Edinburgh International Festival? You can see dance,
theatre, opera, orchestras, chamber groups and soloists. You will also
have the opportunity to rub shoulders with people from virtually every
country in the world and take part in educational projects or festival
conversations. What are you waiting for? Book your ticket now to
support the most important art festival in the world!

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