The Harp Festival in Edinburgh

If the delicate sounds of the harp soothe your soul, you might be interested in attending the Edinburgh Harp Festival held in summer months in Edinburgh, Scotland. The festival was first held in 1982 and it offers a little something for everyone. It is usually held in the surroundings of the Merchiston Castle School

The harp was in use in Scotland long before the playing of bagpipes became quite
so widespread amongst the people of this region. Their delicate and
calming sounds are considered quite difficult to master and when you attempt
to play them yourself you’ll see why. The delicate plucking of the
strings is not as easy at it looks and only years of practice will
result in the ability to play finer and more intricate melodies. At
the Edinburgh Harp Festival, you can see a culmination of years of
practice and beautiful sounds all coming together amongst a people
who share this age-old passion.

What makes the Edinburgh Harp Festival so different? Well, apart from having a
showcase of brilliant harpists playing at various concerts during
the festival, you will also find workshops and exhibitions all
relating to the harp. You can learn how to play the harp or improve
your existing skills, see how harps are made and watch the pros.
There is something to cater to all ages and levels of experience
and it makes for a most relaxing and inspiring weekend in the charming city of Edinburgh.

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