Scottish Writers and Folklore

Sir James Barrie was born on 9 May 1860 in Scotland and died on 19 June 1937 in London, England. He was a dramatist and novelist who was probably best known for his fiction, "Peter Pan", the boy who refused to grow up. He studied at the University of Edinburgh and spent quite a while on the Nottingham Journal before he set off to London as a free-lance writer in 1885.

James Boswell was born on 29 October 1740 in Edinburgh, Scotland and died on 19 May 1795 in London, England. James' father was a very successful advocate and laird of Auchinleck in Ayrshire, and James was subjected to the strong pressure of his ambitious family. James was a good friend and also the biographer of Samuel Johnson. And his 20th-century publication of his journals proved him to be a extremely good diarist. More...

Folklore is the concept of tales, legends or superstitions
current among a particular population. Folklore is a part of
the oral history of a particular culture. Scotland’s folklore is diverse and can be a little complicated to understand at times.

There are a few popular folklore creatures in Scotland,
such as: the Banshee, the Brownie, the Kelpie, the Selkie,
and the Trowes. More…

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