Glorious Glasgow and Clyde Valley

Immediately South of Stirling and Loch Lomond lies the region known as Glasgow and Clyde Valley. This area portrays much of the charm and character of all of Scotland - so much so that's it's often been called little Scotland. Here you will find a little bit of everything - from beautiful cities to pristine natural habitats.

The city of Glasgow is the largest in Scotland
and as such is has artistic, cultural and entertainment value. Each of the
little country towns and villages has a tale to tell and all offer their own
special attractions.

Just North of Glasgow, you will find the remains of the Dumbarton Castle
which was built on a volcanic formation called Dumbarton Rock. The Castle
overlooks the River Clyde and is about 200 feet in height. You might also
wish to have a look at Bothwell Castle. Bothwell is the largest 13th
century Castle in Scotland. Bothwell and Dumbarton are both magnificent historical
structures, but there are many more in the area that are well worth seeing.

Near New Lanark you will find the Falls of Clyde Reserve, with its four-star visitor centre. The Falls of Clyde reserve has three main waterfalls within its boundaries and 59 hectares of woodland. Lots of native wildlife inhabits the reserve including badgers, kingfishers, otters and Peregrine falcons to name a few.

Very few have not heard of Dr Livingstone who, as a Victorian adventurer,
explored deepest, darkest Africa. Well, the David Livingstone in South
Lanarkshire is a great place to learn more. The Center is based in the tenement
where Livingstone was born and besides being fun for kids and adults alike,
displays many of the good doctor’s personal belongings.

So whether its history, art and culture or wildlife you’re after, why not take a
trip to the greater Glasgow and Clyde Valley Region. You’ll never run short of
things to do and see in ‘little Scotland’.

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