Glorious Glasgow and Clyde Valley

Immediately South of Stirling and Loch Lomond lies the region known as Glasgow and Clyde Valley. This area portrays much of the charm and character of all of Scotland - so much so that's it's often been called little Scotland. Here you will find a little bit of everything - from beautiful cities to pristine natural habitats.

The city of Glasgow is the largest in Scotland
and as such is has artistic, cultural and entertainment value. Each of the
little country towns and villages has a tale to tell and all offer their own
special attractions.

Just North of Glasgow, you will find the remains of the Dumbarton Castle
which was built on a volcanic formation called Dumbarton Rock. The Castle
overlooks the River Clyde and is about 200 feet in height. You might also
wish to have a look at Bothwell Castle. Bothwell is the largest 13th
century Castle in Scotland. Bothwell and Dumbarton are both magnificent historical
structures, but there are many more in the area that are well worth seeing.

Near New Lanark you will find the Falls of Clyde Reserve, with its four-star visitor centre. The Falls of Clyde reserve has three main waterfalls within its boundaries and 59 hectares of woodland. Lots of native wildlife inhabits the reserve including badgers, kingfishers, otters and Peregrine falcons to name a few.

Very few have not heard of Dr Livingstone who, as a Victorian adventurer,
explored deepest, darkest Africa. Well, the David Livingstone in South
Lanarkshire is a great place to learn more. The Center is based in the tenement
where Livingstone was born and besides being fun for kids and adults alike,
displays many of the good doctor’s personal belongings.

So whether its history, art and culture or wildlife you’re after, why not take a
trip to the greater Glasgow and Clyde Valley Region. You’ll never run short of
things to do and see in ‘little Scotland’.

Glasgow Scotland

Glasgow is considered as the cultural capital of Europe, and it also holds the title of Scotland’s largest city. But mostly the city is known for its breathtaking architecture and the other places that you visit without spending too much money. Glasgow has long been the center of tourist attraction, as it offers a cool vibe and atmosphere to relax your mind for the next adventure. Besides gothic architecture, you will get to see and have a great lineup of cuisines that will take your breath away. You will get the traditional Scottish dishes to the modern age fusion cuisines. If you combine all the things that you can do in Glasgow, it will take you more than a day to cover all the highlights of this place.

Glasgow Scotland

This article would answer all of the questions you have about Glasgow, so you can cover a whole lot on the next trip to Scotland.

Weather in Glasgow Scotland

The temperature varies from 34*F to 66*F. There is this notion that Glasgow is filled with snow all throughout the year. Buin reality, it is not. The snow doesn’t last long, as it tends to meltdown after a while. Many tourists who do visit Glasgow they tend to choose warm-weather activities season, mostly late June to late August.

Car Rental Glasgow Scotland

Yes, you can rent a car in Glasgow. Normally taking taxis will limit your overall experience of the city, but renting a car will help you explore more of the city and the other places that you couldn’t cover with a common taxi. The price of a rental is directed to the experience that you want out of the vehicle.

Things to do in Glasgow Scotland

If you have a knack for art, then visiting Kelvingrove Art Gallery would wow you on every step. It also has a museum to add more to the value. The place itself dates back to centuries, as you will witness one of the finest architecture and the beauty that it still holds in the world today.

You can go shopping on Buchanan street, as the street has been considered as one of the best shopping districts in the city. Here you will also see great restaurants with a strong line up of dishes to take some time off shopping.

Looking for something more thrilling, then you can go watch a professional speedway team racing. As the season for speedway starts from the end of march to all the way to the end of August. Make sure to check the schedule before you go knocking on the door.

Is Glasgow Scotland worth visiting?

Missing out on seeing great architecture, beautiful cuisines, beaches, art, and museums would hurt your trip a lot. To get the true experience of Scotland, one must take a stroll in the streets of Glasgow. To answer the question, yes, Glasgow is worth visiting. Make sure to plan everything out before you start your journey. As there are many things that you can do in the city that owls take up a lot of your time. Perfect planning would avoid any waste on your list.

How many days do you need in Glasgow?

You would need at least 2- 3 days to cover everything including the highlight landmarks of Glasgow. The number of things that you can see in Glasgow, you need to spend at least more than a day to cover the landmarks, and another day to cover all the side stuff. Make sure to ask some locals about the place, as they would tell you more about the place than a guide ever could. Locals would know some of the best restaurants in the area, and the places to visit during day or night time. This will make your trip more extreme

What should I see in Glasgow?

Make sure to cover as much as possible, while you are there. The main attraction of Glasgow in its architecture and historical buildings. Covering all of them will take quite a while, so prepare to spend some time if you are looking to see them all. The history of Glasgow is rich in value, avoiding them will be a waste of your trip. As the city has riverside museums, Tigers speedway, Ar galleries, various museums, castles, and popular cathedrals to make your trip more memorable.

What can I do in Glasgow during the day?

Glasgow Scotland Cathedral

Start with Glasgow Green, as the park has beautiful trees to give you the highland feel, that is why Glasgow green is one of the oldest parks in all of Scotland. Once the trip around Glasgow Green is complete, you can visit Glasgow Cathedral, Necropolis to cover more of Glasgow. As the cathedral dates back to the 11th century. Most of the agriculture of the cathedral is still intact, and you can see all of them and admire the beauty of the craftsman laid out by other architects that you are seeing now.

What can you do in Glasgow for free?

Most of the places in Glasgow are for free, all the notable places such as the Gallery of Modern Art, Riverside Museum of Transport and travel, Botanic Gardens, Hunterian museum, winter gardens, people’s palace are just to name a few of the places that you can visit in Glasgow without paying a dime in return.

Final Thoughts

If you are into gothic style architecture with a rich history, then ruling out Glasgow is one mistake that you don’t want to make in your life. As the city has a rich history behind every architecture you see on the street, as the cathedral is also filled with structures that still come to life as it once did centuries ago. So many of the things in Glasgow are still intact after years of damage. That is why Glasgow holds to be one of the best places to visit in Scotland. You need to see the beauty to admire the value that it shows on the outside. Learning history will make you understand the real value of the things you are seeing with your eyes.

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