The Scottish Highland Games

There are a number of Highland Games held through the highlands of Scotland. Many of them have been taking place for so long that it is unknown when they were started or why. Today, however, they provide a showcase of traditional sporting events that are participated in and enjoyed by people of all nationalities.

But what sort of games are ‘traditional’ games? Well, there is no shortage
of creativity when it comes to the Highland Games. Besides regular sporting
such as long jump and sprinting and shot put, you will also find more
unusual traditional games such as ‘tossing the caber‘ or ‘throwing the weight’. Tossing
the caber is the throwing of an impressive, long thick pole in an attempt to
get it to land as straight as possible. In throwing the weight, the
competitor hurls a metal ball on the end of a long, thick chain and handle
in an attempt to get it as high and far as possible. Another Highland game
event is ‘throwing the hammer’ wherein the sportsman swings a ‘hammer’
(originally a sledge hammer) over his head and then releases it, aiming to
get the longest distance.

What else can be seen and enjoyed at the Highland Games? Besides the sports,
you will see a celebration of local culture. You will be able to hear bagpipes,
watch highland dancing and join in many other forms of traditional highland celebrations.
The Highland Games are for young and old, male and female and many of them last around
four days. They offer a real Scottish atmosphere unlike any other.

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