The Science Festival in Edinburgh

Enquiring minds know no boundaries and are constantly thirsty for knowledge. The Edinburgh Science Festival is the perfect place to quench that thirst, and every year the science festival grows a little bigger, with even more interesting things to see and learn about than the years before. While the program provides for enquiring minds of all ages, the emphasis is on creating a drive in children to explore all aspects of this fascinating and diverse field of study.

To achieve this goal, the festival offers many interactive exhibitions which are intended to stimulate and amuse children from as young as three years old. For slightly older
children, there are plenty of educational workshops and lectures geared at helping them
improve in school science, as well as numerous hands on training sessions
and the other activities which engage the child’s mind through participation.

During this time, most of the schools in Edinburgh and around organize
tours and plan programmes which will help the children to see as much of
the festival as is possible. The festival is usually several weeks long
and it takes place during the season of spring. However, you don’t have to be
part of a school to be able to enjoy this informative festival. You can
make bookings and see the displays regardless of who you are. And if you
have children with you, then it makes for a great holiday break for them too.
Why not give the Edinburgh Science Festival a try? It is a great place to broaden your horizons.

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