The Hebridean Celtic Festival

Every summer a unique four-day celebration is held in the Hebrides of Scotland. This musical festival is eagerly anticipated by locals and tourists alike and it has grown in popularity at a remarkable rate since its inception in 1995. Despite its relative youth, the Hebridean Celtic Festival is the largest Celtic festival in the north of Scotland and it is a showcase of top Celtic talents.

Every year, the festival grows and evolves. In addition to a feast of musical talent, it offers the opportunity to learn some useful Gaelic and to listen to local storytelling. You can also listen to some interesting tales while taking a guided tour of the Castle grounds.

There is also an interesting art tour to be taken in Lewis, where you
can see local arts and crafts as well in view some of the galleries and
studios along the way. Or you could take a guided walk around the Stornoway
Trust area. And as if that weren’t enough, the Hebridean Celtic Festival
also co-incides with the Highland Games and the Sail Hebrides and Maritime
Festival. This means you can enjoy more than one attraction at the same
time with very little effort.

The Hebridean Celtic Festival is an event for the whole family. There are
a lot of activities and workshops available for younger children to capture their attention and help them learn. Parents can take in the more adult
aspects of the entertainment and enjoy the rich Celtic feel at the festival, while
little ones enjoy fun and games. The Hebridean
Celtic Festival
is certainly a treat for all.

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