The Outstanding Museums of Scotland

Amongst the top attractions in any city around the world are its museums. Why is this so? The majority of mankind is inquisitive and what better place to satisfy the thirst for knowledge than by visiting a museum. Museums provide invaluable insight into the past, providing people with a wealth of facts in a few hours. Essentially, a museum is an institution devoted to the collection, conservation, research, interpretation and display of items which have great value with regards to history, science or the arts. Scotland's museums are definitely no exception and are visited by large numbers of locals and foreigners each year. Why not make a point of visiting a few of the museums in Scotland whilst traveling through the country - you will certainly discover innumerable treasures worth holding onto.

National Museums of Scotland is an organization responsible for a number of museum collections in Scotland. They do much to make these important collections accessible to people so that they can learn more about Scotland’s past and present as well as culture and our natural world in an entertaining environment. The following museums fall under this organization’s direction: The National Museum of Scotland, National Museum of Rural Life, National War Museum, National Museums Collection Center and the National Museum of Flight. Housed in 2 stunning structures, the National Museum of Scotland will familiarize you with Scotland’s people, culture and land through the ages and much more. Take an in-depth look at the development of flight at the National Flight Museum. Discover what life was like on a farm in the 1950s at the National Museum of Rural Life. Walk through the history of warfare in Scotland at the National War Museum.

There are many other museums scattered through Scotland that are well worth a visit. Some are small, some are big, but each offers a unique set of absorbing displays. Check out these fantastic museums in Scotland: Aberdeen Maritime Museum, Black House Museum, Dumfries Museum, Fife Folk Museum, Glendale Toy Museum, Hunterian Museum, Museum of Lead Minging, Myreton Motor Museum, Newhaven Heritage Museum, Rober Smail’s Printing Works, Scottish Football Museum and others. If you would like to find out more about these and other educational and entertaining Scottish museums, look no further than

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