Discover the Beauty of Garelochhead

At the head of the Gare Loch you will find a small village by the name of Garelochhead, situated in Argyll and Bute in Scotland. Garelochhead is a reasonably young village in comparison to others that have been around for centuries. Garelochhead was formed in the 1820s, the same time the steamer cruise was first introduced, to accommodate steam cruise passengers that were passing by. It was estimated that as many as six steamers were passing by Garelochhead during the summer months in the mid 1800s.

Later in the late 1800s it was the West Highland Railway line that brought passengers from around the country to visit or stay at Garelochhead. Many of these people brought their riches and took up residence here, commuting to Glasgow or other towns nearby for work. In the twentieth century it was the deepwater terminal built in Finnart on the Long Loch that brought riches to the Garelochhead village. Today, little has changed in the sense of people residing in Garelochhead, but commuting elsewhere for work.

Garelochhead has become a popular holiday destination, attracting many visitors with a love for water and yachting. It really is a stunning town to visit, especially if you enjoy the quieter and slower pace of the countryside. The town of Garelochhead gives you the sense of having gone back in time with little change having taken place in the last few decades. Although the HMNB Clyde, a submarine base, can be seen if you stand at the loch it doesn’t affect the natural beauty and tranquility of the water and the surrounding area.

Garelochhead may be small, but there is a lot to do to keep the nearly one and a half thousand residents and visitors busy. You can visit the Garelochhead Forests and take a walk on one of the trails or visit the Gibson Hall and join the locals for a game of bowls. There are a number of places that provide accommodation in and around the Garelochhead area. One of these is a country house, situated near Garelochhead, called Mambeg, which provides visitors with Bed and Breakfast and beautiful views all around.

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