Fringe Festival in Edinburgh

The Fringe is an extremely popular aspect of the Edinburgh International Festival with over 1.25 million tickets being sold every year. Founded on the principle of 'open-access for all performers' you will find that almost anything goes here and you will always find something of interest to you.

The Fringe began in 1947 when the Edinburgh International Festival was launched
as part of a post-war initiative. The goal of the festival was to unite Europe
through culture and indeed, it was so popular that they had too many performers
to cater for. In response to this cluster of focused press interest and the
thousands of people who attended, six Scottish and two English companies met
in a disused old pub in Edinburgh and began the Fringe. The Edinburgh Fringe
Festival has never looked back – enjoying 58 years of amazing success.
Today the Fringe shifts from place to place in order to accommodate the
multitudes who flock to it. It has an established website and at least
10 full time employees dedicated to making it a success year-round. In
addition to this, even more people are temporarily employed during August
in order to adequately cope with the influx of visitors, performers and other
people involved with the Fringe.

As a result of its international popularity, you can expect to see a kaleidoscope of art and culture at the Fringe. Many people visit the Fringe and theInternational Festival simultaneously,resulting in a large crossing of
cultures. Since the International Festival tends to host more mainstream
shows, the Fringe has the pleasure of show-casing the more obscure and
intriguing displays of human performance. It is definitely worthwhile
attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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