Tayport – A Marvelous Destination

Tayport in Scotland is a small harbor town with a stunning view of sea coastlines. Just imagine exploring one of the most popular destinations in Scotland. Tayport is well-known for the line fishing industry - one of the oldest in Scotland - which at one time gave employment to about 45,000 men.

Tayport is situated on the east coast of Scotland in Fife and at the mouth of the river Tay. In Tayport you can enjoy a variety of recreation. If you are someone who enjoys walking then don’t miss out on some lovely walking trails in the forest. Tayport has a nature reserve where you can enjoy an fun outing in the sheer beauty of nature. This area of forested dunes extends some 3km from east to west and 6km from north to south.

In Tayport there is a ferry service that has been built to help you reach all the way around the mouth of the river Eden. Also, Tayport has erected a bridge that makes it possible to get to Dundee in just a few minutes.

If you are interested in some history in Tayport there is a well-known church with a distinctive leaning clock. It has been recognised as a historical building in Scotland together with its unique graveyard. One particularly interesting attraction in Tayport is a chapel that was built in the early 1200s, called Partan Craig, Gaelic for “Crab Rock”. This site would be worth seeing. Also not to be missed is a view of the Broughty Castle. It stands at the tip of the Tay harbor of the attractive little town of Broughty. All you have to do is take a Ferry five miles east of Dundee.

In Tayport village you will find many traditional handmade crafts, so you can enjoy wandering around and viewing all the interesting things on display. If you enjoy a game of golf you need look no further, come to Scotcraigs Golf club here in Tayport. Well-known for its greens, although damaged twice by a farmer who ploughed up the course in the 1800s, visitors will enjoy a fine round here.

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