Incredible Edinburgh and The Lothians

If you are planning a trip to Scotland, you have to make a stop at Edinburgh. Rich in history, tradition and culture, the capital of Scotland has a lot to offer any tourist. Whether you head for the City of Edinburgh or the surrounding Lothians, you will no doubt find something that captivates and intrigues you.

Originally, Edinburgh was the name given to the Old Town – the area where
the Castle, Royal Mile and Grassmarket are now situated. This small area was relatively undeveloped until the late 18th century when the rich started
to leave the country due to unfavorable living conditions. At that time,
poor and rich lived in the same buildings on different levels. Eventually,
in 1767, a design was laid out and for the New Town which was completed in 1810.

Scotland has an age old history which dates back to the time of the Celts and Romans. Much of the architecture in Edinburgh is a mixture of medieval,
renaissance, Gregorian and even neo-classical and modern. Besides the
fantastic buildings which transport you back in time, there are also ample
museums which display relics from bygone eras.

Edinburgh is divided into four main districts called Lothians – the West
Lothian, Midlothian, East Lothian and City of Edinburgh. Most of Edinburgh’s
attractions can be found in the City of Edinburgh. The best place to begin a tour of
Edinburgh is at Edinburgh Castle. This is Scotland’s number one attraction and it juts out proudly on its perch of volcanic rock at the top of the Royal Mile. Also worth seeing are the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Royal Mile, the
National Botanic Garden, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the Museum
of Scotland. The Royal Lyceum Theatre is also highly rated.

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Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh Scotland

If you are looking to take part in great festivals with all the cultures merged together for one big grand festival. Then Edinburgh is the place you need to be. From the annual international art festival to the historic sites, Edinburgh has it all. Tourists from all over the world have Edinburgh on their list of places to visit when they take a trip down to Scotland. The city is also safe for a foreigner, it has taken to make sure everybody has a safe journey without any trouble of any kind whatsoever.

Edinburgh Scotland Weather

Edinburgh shines during Spring, as the warmer temperature makes everything feel fresh and newer. When it comes to average weather in Edinburgh, the summer here is partly cloudy, while the winter is long and very cold. Many tourists pick late June to late August to be the perfect time to visit Edinburgh for warm-weather activities.

Edinburgh Scotland Airport

Opened in the year 1977, Edinburgh Scotland Airport holds the record of the sixth busiest airport in the entire UK. as the airport connects to over more than 100 international destination., 100 to be precise. It has two runways, one terminal, and an astounding 24,000 passengers pass through the Edinburgh airport every single day of the year. The airport handles over 9 million passengers every single year. That goes on to tell you, how popular Edinburgh is to the world and mostly the tourists.

Flights to Edinburgh Scotland

As the airport of Edinburgh connects to over 110 international destinations, you can take the flight to Edinburgh from your state airport. The majority of the flights to Edinburgh Scotland depart from London. This route is typically operated by British Airways.

Hotels in Edinburgh Scotland

If you are looking for a more affordable hotel or to live and breathe in a premium architecture. Edinburgh has some of the most beautiful hotels with high standards in the service they provide to the people. Most of the hotels have a good view, and you will find plenty next to the tourist destination, so, you don’t have to take a one hour ride to get to your next destination.

Car Rental Edinburgh Scotland

Yes, you can rent a car to Edinburgh Scotland. The price you have to pay for the car depends on the economy size you liked to get with the vehicle. The price will vary from $14 to – $100/day.

Things to do in Edinburgh Scotland

● If you are into an old ancient castle with history, then you are in for a trip. As Edinburgh is filled with them.
● The streets of Edinburgh have a history filled with shops that will lure you away from your daily activities, so you can dine Scottish cuisine to calm your mind.
● You will find many galleries to keep yourself occupied, as many of the galleries feature visual illusions, daily activities for people of all ages.
● Arthur’s Seat is a must-visit place for the people who are enthusiastic about hiking.
● Like gothic style architecture? Then you should add St Giles Cathedral in your list of places to visit in Scotland before you leave.

Why is Edinburgh so popular?

Mostly, its culture and the fancy landmarks that you won’t get to see anywhere in the world. The historic sites holding the world’s largest annual international arts festivals are what made Edinburgh so popular in the world.

Is Edinburgh expensive?

Compared to the other parts of the UK, it is not that expensive. But if you are an extrovert, then you have to spend some more money than others.

How many days do you need in Edinburgh Scotland?

You can cover all the landmarks in Edinburgh within 2 -3 days. But make a plan out a schedule before you start taking the trip. Writing a schedule down will help you a lot in visiting the best places without wasting any of your time on other unnecessary things.

Edinburgh Castle Scotland

Edinburgh Scotland CastleOnce the Edinburgh castles were home to the monarchs now in the modern era, Edinburgh castles are used as a museum to the citizens of Scotland and the tourists from all over the world. There are plenty of hotels that take place in a castle. If you are pre-prepared to spend just a little bit of your money, then you can get into the finest looking castle to spend your time. As the castle will be surrounded by jaw-dropping landmarks and gardens.

Restaurants in Edinburgh Scotland

Another thing Edinburgh is famous for its delicious cuisine. Some of the famous dishes that grab the attraction of tourists are Haggis, tatties and neeps, Scottish oats porridge, Smoked salmon. Smoked salmon, cranachan, partan bree, and many more.

What is Edinburgh Scotland famous for?

Edinburgh is mostly famous for the art festivals that it holds in its city. These festivals drag most of the people from all over the world to take a peek at the culture of Scotland and have fun. Besides art, you are going to see beaches, mountains, highlands, castles, lochs, and many more to have a great time.

Is Edinburgh Scotland safe?

Yes, Edinburgh is safe for tourists. You are not going to come across anything extraordinary when you walk down the streets of Edinburgh. But you need to be cautious about pickpockets. Other than that, you won’t get involved in any huge crime scene.

Final Thoughts

Edinburgh has beautiful castles to the friendless people who will help you out on finding underrated restaurants to famous cuisines in the area. The art festival is the highlight of Edinburgh as it gathers the art culture from different places from Scotland all in one place. So, you can enjoy the entire history of Scotland and the value that it holds in the market all in a single place. That’s Why Edinburgh drags thousands of tourists to its city every single day. If you’re looking for fun cities or to learn the history of Scotland, you need to come to Edinburgh to fulfill your dream.

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