Caber Toss – Scotland

Have you ever been walking down the road and looked up at a telephone pole and thought to yourself, “I think I could toss that with my bare hands”? Well the gents who participate in the Scottish sport of caber tossing prove that it can be done.

The caber toss is a popular segment of any Highland Games. A sport that goes back a few hundred years and is believe to have originated in the times of war as a means of battle or bridge building.

The caber is approximately 16-20 feet in length and weighing an average of 100 plus pounds. An athlete will cup both hands under the bottom of the caber and while running forward with great strength and balance, throw the caber into the air so that the caber will flip 180 degrees, implant its top end into the ground, and roll over. The object of the game is for the caber to land in a straight line away from the athlete and is judged by its proximity to the athlete in the manner of a clock’s hand with 12 o’clock being the best score.

The caber is made of wood, is tall and very heavy. The athletes who participate in this event have strength and balance that takes years of practice to master. So if the idea of running with a telephone pole and hurling it with all you might sounds like a good time, then you might want to watch for the next Scottish Highland Games that comes to your town and sign up to participate in this ancient sport of skill and strength.