Dundee International Guitar Festival

The first Dundee International Guitar Festival was held in the year 1991, and the event has grown more popular over the years. Thousands of music lovers and aspiring guitar masters flock to Dundee in Scotland annually, to enjoy concerts and take part in classes that inspire and develop young talent. This year will be no different, as the Dundee International Guitar Festival kicks off on the 11th of July 2008 and ends on the 13th of July 2008. There is great entertainment and fun to look forward to.

The main focus of the Dundee International Guitar Festival is to celebrate the guitar in all its shapes and sounds. The event exposes the public to the versatility of this instrument and helps them to appreciate the musicians who evoke emotions through every note they play. In past years, the festival has lured musical greats such as John William, Paul Galbraith, The Assad Duo and Scott Tennant to this guitar loving corner of Scotland, to share their knowledge and their passion with those in attendance.

The classes that are available during the festival include master classes, chamber classes, composition classes and discussion groups, just to name a few. All the classes, which accommodate all skill levels and abilities, offer a friendly, patient and educational atmosphere that allows students to have fun, while learning. It is a program that develops talent. The program supports and assists young artists by giving them a platform to perform and gain confidence, and teaches them to make opportunities available to themselves in regard to furthering their studies and growing as artists.

In between classes, the festival offers three magnificent concerts a day. For the 2008 Dundee Guitar Festival, six brilliant artists will be performing. Artistic Director of the festival and recording artist, Allan Neave, will be heating up the stage, as will the Katona Twins, Zoltan and Peter. Their talent and spectacular skill has opened doors to them they have previously performed at the likes of Carnegie Hall, the Royal Festival Hall, Konzerthaus and many more. Pavel Steidl is a composer and musician who brings a new dimension to music through his explosive performances. Rated as one of the eight most important guitarists by Guitart (Italian magazine), he has performed in countries such as Japan, Poland, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Australia and Costa Rica. Peter Steward will be enthralling the crowds with his magical performances, as will the famous Andrzej Mokry.

This year is guaranteed to be a Dundee International Guitar Festival to remember. With breathtaking performances by wonderful artists waiting to be shared with music enthusiasts, it is going to be a festival not to be missed.