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  • Perth Theatre

    The well-known and well used Perth Theatre can be found in Perthshire, Scotland where it has been situated for over one hundred years. The building's façade has a contemporary look and is well equipped with all the facilities necessary for theatre productions and the large audience attendance that it has. The Perth Theatre has an Edwardian auditorium, production facilities, backstage, ...

  • Nethy Bridge Community Centre

    Nethy Bridge is a small village that can be found in the Highlands Region of Scotland and its village hall can be located on the Dell Road. Local residents use the Nethy Bridge Community Center or hall for all their events and occasions that they might have. The village hall has facilities to cater for any group or club event and can be rented by groups or individuals at a reasonable charge.

  • The Lemon Tree

    If you get tired of more classical theatres and want to try something young, new and vibrant, The Lemon Tree is probably your best choice. This vibrant, cultural organization was established in 1992 in the heart of Aberdeen. Its main goal is that of stimulating and engaging the people of Aberdeen with a range of performing and participatory arts – a goal which it has certainly been achieving ...

  • Pavilion Theatre

    The Pavilion Theatre is one of Glasgow’s oldest theatres. Located at the top of Renfield Street in the northern side of the city, the theatre is easily reached by bus or subway. The Pavilion Theatre was opened on 29 February 1904 as a music hall and, at the time, it was considered to be state-of-the-art. The building was designed by Bertie Crewe at the request of Thomas Barrasford and the ...

  • Dundee Rep Theatre

    Standing proudly in Dundee's cultural hub is the fine Dundee Rep Theatre or The Rep, as it is commonly called. This is a remarkable organization devoted to the arts. Audiences visiting the Rep Theatre can enjoy stunning musical, theatre, dance and comedy performances all through the year. Visitors to the city of Dundee should definitely book a ticket at the Dundee Rep Theatre for at least ...

  • Inverness Museum

    Located in the Scottish Highlands is lovely city of Inverness. A bustling tourist destination, Inverness boasts a number of popular attractions. One such attraction is the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. Offering visitors a remarkable experience to view many exhibits as well as engage in a selection of activities, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery will interest everyone.

  • Scottish Musicians

    Sheena EastonSheena Easton is a pop singer, that was born in Bellshill. Her career was boosted by the BBC TV documentary "Big Time" which showed how EMI manufactured a "star" from an unknown. She is known for the theme for the James Bond film "For your eyes only" in 1981. "9 to 5" was a top ten hit by Sheena Easton.

  • Scottish Traditional

    If you have spent some time in the Scottish Highlands you may have found yourself listening to some traditional Scottish music. The Highlands may not be the only place in Scotland where people have an appreciation for this type of music, but it is certainly a good place to discover Scottish folk music.

  • Music

    Though a wide variety of musical styles have been used and enjoyed by Scottish Musicians and music lovers for centuries, it is the often haunting and eerie sounds of Traditional Scottish Music that have become internationally recognized as the 'sound of Scotland'. The bagpipes are largely thought of as being a Scottish phenomenon – even though in truth they were widely used across Europe, ...