The Exceptional Perth Theatre

The well-known and well used Perth Theatre can be found in Perthshire, Scotland where it has been situated for over one hundred years. The building's façade has a contemporary look and is well equipped with all the facilities necessary for theatre productions and the large audience attendance that it has. The Perth Theatre has an Edwardian auditorium, production facilities, backstage, wardrobe and a rehearsal studio. Apart from these facilities there is also workshops and paint shops for any stage equipment and maintenance that may be needed.

The Perth Theatre has a rich heritage, having seen many shows and performances over the decades providing the theatre with a colorful past. The organization has given Perth Theatre a new start with a beautiful concert hall that can provide seating for nearly one and half thousand people, a lot bigger then the previous auditorium that seated 460.

The focus here is to provide the people of Perthshire with a huge array of music from concert rock to jazz; drama, which incorporates all the classics and new writings; and of course light entertainment like comedy nights and tribute bands. A full orchestra can be supported in the auditorium with two pianos provided and space for up to seventy musicians so the older room will not be put to waste. There is also the Redrooms café bar and restaurant if you feel like a nibble or a sit down meal.

The Perth Theatre can also be used as a facility for launches, conferences, meetings and dinners. You might wonder where such events would be housed, but with the latest technology and hydraulics readily available it just takes a press of a button and all the seating disappears providing a large open room ready for use.

Something else that has been introduced into the newly re-done Perth Theatre is ‘Threshold’ which basically stands for new media art or interactive technology that can only be found in relatively few venues. Threshold also incorporates sound and lighting software, amplifiers, screens and projectors. What is so amazing about Threshold is that it allows you to interact with it from the moment you walk into the Perth Theatre. There is an array of screens found through out the theatre and even in the toilets, where images of different and beautiful scenes are projected giving the theatre different atmospheres depending on the occasion.

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