Pitlochry Festival Theatre – Always Something New

Pitlochry may be a small Victorian town, but that does not mean that it has not moved with the times, and it has managed to do just that, while retaining it's small town charm. Proof of this fact can be found at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre where you will find new and inspiring performances available every day of the week. This relatively small theatre is home to the largest ensemble company in Scotland. Besides offering a great variety of performances from one day to the next it also hosts exhibitions and programs and has a great restaurant where you can satisfy your appetite after enjoying a stimulating performance.

The Pitlochry Festival Theatre was founded in 1951 by John Stewart. The original aim of the theatre was to draw the public to the town of Pitlochry with a season of plays for the summer months. Hence, the original theatre was a tent-like structure as it was only meant to be used for a short time. However, the theatre proved to be so popular that this temporary structure remained in use until 1981 when a permanent building was erected to house the theatre. The building was designed by James Dunbar-Naismith and it has served as the theatre’s home ever since. It can seat approximately 544 people and continues to be immensely popular with visitors and locals alike.

Today the theatre offers a full program of plays, programs and tours. During the holiday periods it offers special creative art programs whereby participants can enjoy a hands-on introduction to this sphere of creativity. Visitors can take a tour of this old theatre or take in one of the many brilliant performances that are on offer nearly every day of the week. The theatre has a brilliant ‘stay six days see six plays’ policy, offering a different play for each day of the week to ensure that audiences never tire of going to the theatre. This is quite different from other theatres which usually offer only one performance over an extended period of time and it require ingenious use of stage props, lighting and other items since the stage must be constantly readjusted for each show. So come and enjoy a performance at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre for a truly memorable stay in Scotland.

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