MacRobert Arts Centre – Entertainment for the Family

Situated within the grounds of the Stirling University, the MacRobert Arts Centre not only screens local art cinema but also regularly hosts a variety of performances and events. It is noted as being Scotland’s premier children’s art venue and is easily accessed from virtually all corners of the country. While the majority of performances are designed to cater to young minds you do not have to be a child to appreciate the artistic genius that is evident at the MacRobert Arts Center. The theatre’s facilities were designed by young people and they feature the ‘playhouse’, which is a children’s theatre, the ‘filmhouse’, which is an art cinema and the ‘arthouse’ which is a children’s art gallery and crèche. Visitors may also visit the ‘treehouse’, which is a workshop and rehearsal space for performances held at the theatre, and the ‘workhouse’ which is a café bar featuring a medium-sized theatre known as the ‘mainhouse’.

More recently the MacRobert Arts Centre has produced exciting children’s plays such as ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Les Miserables’. Each of the performances are designed to cater specifically to children of certain age groups so you can be confident that your youngster will be thoroughly entertained by the live performances. Some shows cater to children as young as three years old but these are not limited exclusively to young children and can be enjoyed by older children too. Stirling also regularly produces a Pantomime during the Christmas months. The theatre is responsible for the running and organization of six youth theatre groups in the area which focus on various forms of performing arts and which are incredibly popular with talented youths. The theatre also makes use of a ‘youth consultancy scheme’ whereby youths attending performances and programs can give feedback and advice on how to improve the various programs and facilities to make them more ‘youth-orientated’.

Clearly the MacRobert Arts Center has put the needs of children at the heart of the enterprise. This effort has paid off as the center continues to gain support and interaction from youngsters across the country. If you are traveling with a youth, make sure you stop at this great performing arts center.

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