Glasgow’s Tramway Theatre

Scotland's City of Glasgow is home to one of the top theatres for performing arts in all of Europe – the Tramway Theatre. Housed in building filled with history, this contemporary theatre hosts a number of outstanding performances throughout the year. So, if you are looking for a night on the town with a cultural spin, head off to the renowned Tramway Theatre.

The building which houses the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow was originally constructed in 1893 to serve as the Coplawhill tramshed. For many years it was an important hub of transportation. During the 1960s it was converted into the Museum of Transport, which was later relocated. For some years it stood empty. It was saved from demolition when a venue was required for a performance of Mahabharata (by Peter Brooks). From there it developed into a popular venue for a variety of cultural events. During the 1990s the Tramway gave many local artists a wonderful opportunity to display their works and so it came to be known as a center for the development and promotion of the arts. After some development of the venue it was reopened in 2000 with even better equipment and facilities.

Zoo Architects were responsible for transforming the Tramway Theatre into the architectural wonder it is today. Tramway 1 is a large theatre space, ideal for a number of thrilling projects. The space is easily adapted according to the performance. Tramway 2, also on the ground floor, is the main exhibition area and one of the biggest in Europe. Complementing the works of art are the building’s original tramlines and other architectural features. Tramway 4 is the studio theatre with space for 100 patrons. On the upper level is the Project Room. The stables are a fascinating sight. Stable 3 is a general workshop area. Stable 4 has a wooden sprung floor, especially for dance. Stables 5 and 6 are music rooms. Finally, Stable 7 is dedicated as a Visual Arts Studio involved in providing public workshops.

Also not to be missed at the Tramway Theatre are the Hidden Gardens, filled with splendor, a delight to any visitor. Enjoy a lovely meal at the Café Bar. The foods cater to all tastes and are absolutely delectable.

Visitors to the Tramway Theatre are certain to have an amazing experience as the performances and exhibitions are always top quality. Combine with this the unique architecture and history of the venue and you will be left with an unforgettable experience.

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