The Lemon Tree – Theatre in Aberdeen

If you get tired of more classical theatres and want to try something young, new and vibrant, The Lemon Tree is probably your best choice. This vibrant, cultural organization was established in 1992 in the heart of Aberdeen. Its main goal is that of stimulating and engaging the people of Aberdeen with a range of performing and participatory arts – a goal which it has certainly been achieving over subsequent years. Everyone who goes to The Lemon Tree knows that performances may well include the involvement and participation of the audience – regardless of age or background. This is part of the appeal of this excellent organization and it keeps fans coming back for more time and time again.

The Lemon Tree is today housed in a building that dates back to 1937. When it originally opened, it was known as St Katherine’s Club. The club served as a social center and saw a variety of activities in these early times. By the 1980s, it not only sported a vegetarian restaurant but served as a home to a variety of community arts groups. In 1990, the club was chosen as the new permanent home of Aberdeen’s rock, theatre and comedy Alternative Festival. When it was opened two years later, it attracted more than 100 000 visitors who enjoyed the lively program of music, theatre, dance, literature, education and comedy. While the festival has since disappeared into the history books, the organization that resulted and which is today still based in the building that was once home to St Katherine’s Club is still very much alive. The building has since seen more than one renovation and refurbishments have included disabled access, improved lighting and the installation of one of Europe’s best mixing desks.

Today The Lemon Tree continues to provide a home to the music, theatre, comedy, dance and literature of Aberdeen. It caters to children and adults and features and education and development program which should help to ensure the continued popularity of performance arts in years to come. While the organization supports ambitious work, it continues to work on principles of quality and equality and it provides a most supportive atmosphere for those who make use of its facilities. So come visit The Lemon Tree and discover this brilliant theatre for yourself.

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