Nethy Bridge Community Centre

Nethy Bridge is a small village that can be found in the Highlands Region of Scotland and its village hall can be located on the Dell Road. Local residents use the Nethy Bridge Community Center or hall for all their events and occasions that they might have. The village hall has facilities to cater for any group or club event and can be rented by groups or individuals at a reasonable charge.

Some of the facilities that you can expect to see include a fully equipped kitchen, a large hall that can seat as many as two hundred people or a smaller hall that can hold only sixty people at any one time. There is also a community room and games room where members can come and enjoy themselves if the whole Nethy bridge community center is not being used for an event.

The Large Hall is wonderful for weddings and dances not only is it big but it also has a stage where any musical entertainment or dancing can take place and a fitted bar area, which can be used as a cash bar for the above mentioned events. Toilet facilities are readily available with consideration having been given to those who are disabled and mothers who are in need of a changing room for their babies as well as other necessary facilities. True to its name the community center also provides the local residents with an array of outdoor activities. You can find on the premises two large tennis courts and a bowling green and a full sized field to play various ball games.

The actual Nethy Bridge village provides visitors with a wide range of accommodation choices like B&B’s and hotels, which can be found in a mixture of locations. When you come visit don’t expect to have a busy night life, Nethy Bridge is more for those that appreciate a bit of quiet and peace with little traffic interrupting the chirping of the birds and all the other village noises that goes with it. Something that you can look forward to if you come visit near the end of the year is the Abernethy Highland Games it promises to be very entertaining.

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