Scotland’s Gateway Theatre

The Gateway Theatre can be found on Elm Row, Leith Walk in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is one of the leading theatre houses that encourages international recognition for local shows and actors. Gateway is also the venue where all the Acting and Production students from the Queen Margaret University College practice and perform.

The actual building where the Gateway Theatre is situated has a lot of history behind it and was once a veterinary college back in 1890. In 1910 it was given a new façade as the Pringle Picture Palace, but this only lasted for twenty years after its institution. Since the 1930s the building has been linked to theatre of some sort, starting off as a meeting place for amateur actors and progressing from there. Gateway Theatre has always been associated with the cultural life in Edinburgh, and has always been keen to promote the community and support Scotland’s theatre companies.

Scotland’s Gateway Theatre is funded solely by the Scottish Arts Council, focusing mainly on showcasing Scottish theatre and developing its reputation as an international theatre. Every year the Gateway Theatre takes part in the well-known Edinburgh Arts Festival in an initiative to display the rich talent and diversity of the actors and the companies that use the Gateway to put on their productions. The Scottish Arts Council also wants to provide a stage for Scottish theatre at the Festival and Fringe where quality performances showing typical Scottish theatre can be demonstrated.

The Fringe is internationally acclaimed and is where all the well-known international media and promoters come together to view all the showcases that have been arranged. So it is vital for Gateway Theatre to get involved in the Fringe if they want their local talent and theatre to be become better known and recognized. Another initiative that the theatre tries to provide and fulfill is one where jobs are created for children and teenagers.

The Gateway theatre continues to showcase dynamic modern productions on various topics and issues, a lot pertaining specifically to Scotland. Production groups you might recognize and are leading theatre groups in their fields is Borderline and then performances from Shakespeare and various modern playwrights.

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