Eden Court Theatre

Eden Court Theatre is an all-purpose theatre and the only arts cinema that provides entertainment for the whole Highlands region, which is in the North of Scotland. So with this in mind it is no wonder that there has been a 40% increase in audience attendance over last few years and over a 160,000 tickets sold in one year.

Eden Court Theatre has been doing so well in the last few years, hosting up to 300 events throughout the year, that the sponsors now feel that new premises is a must if they are to sustain the increase that they are experiencing. Extra rooms and workshops are needed for teaching, drama workshops and dance classes, facilities the Court Theatre just does not have. The facilities that do exist are also in a sore need of repair and refurbishing for instance the toilets, heating and ventilation need to be upgraded as well as the cinema and dressing rooms.

This has been the driving force behind the redevelopment of the Eden Court Theatre, for the benefit of arts and culture in the community. During this process you will still be able to attend the Eden Court Cinema, which will be situated in the Inverness Floral hall car-park and can hold up to one hundred movie goers. All the wonderful extras like a restaurant and bar, air conditioning, heating and surround sound are provided here for your comfort and enjoyment when you come to the screenings on either Monday or Saturday. Some of the shows that have been enjoyed at the temporary premises have been the Ballet Rambert 50th anniversary 1926-76, which provides displays of many works and dances that have taken place over the years like Black angels and Moveable garden.

Some of the events that you can enjoy at the Eden Court throughout the year are musicals, drama, cinema and dance comedy so there is something for everyone. As an art organization the Eden Court Theatre has not only provided art education but has also taken the initiative to provide an outreach programme. Shows and cultural events are regularly organized for school going children to participate in and incorporates sport, art, science, environment, heritage and languages.

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