Scotland’s Dundee Rep Theatre

Standing proudly in Dundee's cultural hub is the fine Dundee Rep Theatre or The Rep, as it is commonly called. This is a remarkable organization devoted to the arts. Audiences visiting the Rep Theatre can enjoy stunning musical, theatre, dance and comedy performances all through the year. Visitors to the city of Dundee should definitely book a ticket at the Dundee Rep Theatre for at least one night of their stay.

The fascinating history of The Rep organization dates back to the 1930s. During this era theatres around Scotland were transformed into cinemas as films became more popular. Robert Thornely along with the Dundee Dramatic Society were left with nowhere to perform, hence they decided to create their own theatre. The Dundee Repertory Theatre opened its doors in May of 1939. The theatre and company offered a number of fine performances. Unfortunately 1963 saw the building destroyed in a fire. The company found a church which they converted for use as a theatre. After 18 years in the church, property was donated to the Dundee Repertory Theatre company and a new structure was built. After overcoming various difficulties, the new theatre presented its first performance in April 1982. Since that time the theatre company has received numerous awards and much recognition on an international scale.

Today the Dundee Rep Theatre still operates with the goal of developing the creativity and participation of local people in the arts. This important center of culture encompasses the Dundee Rep Ensemble Company, a full-time group who work hard to create marvelous productions; the Scottish Dance Theatre, the number one dance company in Scotland and the Education & Community Company, promoting the arts in the community. The Dundee Rep Theatre houses a 455 seat auditorium. It presents many of its own productions as well as hosting other companies from around the United Kingdom. This means that there is always a wide variety of events going on at the theatre, such as dramas, dance performances, musicals, opera, jazz concerts and much more.

The artistic directors of Dundee Rep Theatre are Philip Howard (Chief Executive) and Jemima Levick. Their in-house productions have met with much positive criticism, and appeal to a wide audience. The Scottish Dance Theatre falls under the direction of Fleur Darkin. This company is known for its exceptional dancers and has toured far and wide.

So, for a unique and magical theatre experience, visit the Dundee Rep Theatre.

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