Stoneybridge – A Hidden Treasure in Scotland

The town of Stoneybridge is located in South Uist, and is situated close to the noteworthy sight of Cnoca Breac. Stoneybridge was an unknown destination in Scotland for quite some time, until the release of the television comedy show "Absolutely". The show portrayed a small and isolated community with their own views on politics and everyday life. Even though it was not directed at the town itself, it did put the spotlight on this once quiet and secluded community.

There are many interesting sights in and around
Stoneybridge and the Cnoca Breaca is one of them. This standing stone
approximately six feet in height and it is in the rough shape of a
One of the arms appears to have broken off and most would expect the
Breaca to be carved from stone. Studies have proven that it is a
natural formation making this a masterpiece of nature.

Outside of Stoneybridge, near Ormiclete, visitors will be able to
the 18th century Ormiclete Castle. Chieftains for the Clan Ranald were
constructors of this Scottish castle, of which only its ruins remain today. The
Altbrug ruins are located on an artificial island, and it is believed
the wall of this structure once measured four feet in height. The walls are
surprisingly thick, with measurements of between nine to twelve feet.
under the water that surrounds the island, lies a treasure trove of
and modern day items that are scattered on the bottom. Most of the
are dated back to the 19th and 20th century.

Visitors to this lovely destination in Scotland will find the town
to be
filled with terrific stores and workshops. Beautifully crafted clocks,
platters, jewelry and glass items are available here. Locals also bring
vast variety of wildlife and breathtaking landscape to life in their
paintings and visitors are guaranteed to walk away with many
souvenirs and memorabilia.

At present, there is a great deal of ongoing protection and
reinforcement procedures taking place along the coastline of
and a few other coastal communities. There is a growing fear that coast
being reduced by the gales that are experienced in this region. Many
have found that the water is drawing closer with each gale and more
seems to be disappearing. Measures are being taken to protect and
these secluded gems of Scotland.

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