Enjoy a Marvelous Stay in Daliburgh

Daliburgh has one of the largest communities in South Uist, and is a quaint and beautiful destination in Scotland. It has most of necessities located within the village, such as a post office, a few shops, a school and a magnificent hotel. But it is not its shops or daily facilities that make Daliburgh a popular destination in Scotland, rather its the numerous noteworthy sights and historical locations found in and around the village.

The Flora MacDonald Memorial is located in Airidh Mhuilinn,
five kilometers outside Daliburgh. This memorial was erected in honor
Flora who was born just to the north of Milton, in the year 1722. She
became a heroine when she hid and assisted Bonnie Prince Charles,
while he
was on the run from George II. The Kildonan Museum is situated a few
away from Flora’s birthplace and is a popular attraction for tourists.
other noteworthy buildings to visit are the Church of Scotland that is
located in Daliburgh and the St Peters Roman Catholic Church.

If you want to explore ancient and historical sites, you should make
way towards Ormiclete. Here you will find the ruins of the 18th century
castle, Ormiclete Castle, with is believed to have been constructed by
Ranald Clan. The surrounding areas of Howbeg are scattered with ruins
remains that where once medieval chapels. In Ankernish, visitors can
enjoy a
few holes of golf on the 19th century golf course that was designed by
legendary Tom Morris.

Visitors are generally attracted to Daliburgh for its tranquil and
setting. Here you are able to relax whilst enjoying a quiet day of
or taking a leisurely walk through the breathtaking countryside. The
landscapes that surround Daliburgh are spectacular and visitors flock
to walk amongst nature, do bird watching on their walks and hopefully
some of the wild deer and other animals that usually hide from curious
tourists. The beaches in the area are beautiful, and Hebrides is known
its deserted stretches of white sand, cool ocean breezes and the
freedom of
having an entire beach to yourself. Daliburgh is a wonderful
destination in
Scotland, if you want to explore and relax, all in one location.

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