Rodel – A Destination of Remarkable History

The village of Rodel is located on the island of Harris. Every inch of the village and the entire island overflows with history, myths and legends. It is the ideal destination in Scotland for the visitors who want to go back in time and walk in the footsteps of Scottish ancestors. Here you will feel their presence in the walls of the buildings and hear them on the gentle breeze that softly caresses the breathtaking landscape.

The most fascinating sight in Rodel, is the St Clements Church. It
constructed in the 15th century, from Lewisian Gneiss Rock, which was a
local building material. This beautiful historical church looks out
over the
Loch Rodel and it is believed that either the church was specifically
for the Clan MacLeod, or that the clan had extremely close ties to the
church. Not only is this medieval church home to two wonderfully
tombs, but its tombstones are almost a work of art, with fine and
engraving still visible today. The St Clement Church is also the final
resting place of Alasdair Crotach (a legendary MacLeod), who has one of
most exquisite burial sites. It is said that he had ordered and
the making of his gravestone, nineteen years prior to his demise. The
carvings on the outside of the church are quite graphic and often
surprise and a few giggles from visitors.

Harris once belonged to Norman MacLeod of Dunvegan, but was forced
sell the estate in 1772, which was bought by Captain Alexander MacLeod.
immediately wanted to start on the construction of his new home,
looking out
over the Rodel Harbor, and the building was completed in 1781. Today,
elegant and magnificent home has been transformed into the Rodel Hotel,
its original walls untouched, and the interior being upgraded to a high
standard of luxury.

The scenic road between Tarbet and Rodel is known as the Golden
Road. It
is a single way road that can either be walked or driven, and runs
along the
coast. The road was constructed in 1897 and derived its name for the
costs incurred during its construction.

The Rodel harbor is always a hive of activity, with fishermen
leaving and
arriving at the docks. Trout fishing and Salmon fishing is extremely
here, and many anglers opt for an excursion on the sea. Boat cruises
also available from the harbor, with many divers viewing Rodel as a
diving destination in Scotland. The waters hold many secrets and
and divers enjoy the variety and uniqueness of each dive. Yachting is
another activity that is favored in Rodel, and if you are not brave
for the water, there are many breathtaking walks and hikes available
throughout the countryside. The mountains and beaches provide nature
enthusiasts with idyllic photographic opportunities.

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