The Wonders of Deep Sea World

Deep Sea World, in Scotland, is not only dedicated to the conservation and protection of marine life, but also to educating and creating awareness in a fun way. It combines its many exhibits with fun events, such as the full schedule for 2008, which includes a Magic Oceans Weekend, a Leapfrog Weekend, a Rockin’ Reef Weekend and a Shark Awareness Weekend. Even though these events are fun and entertaining, they also educate and highlight the vulnerability and beauty of a world that lies beneath the waters of the seas and oceans of the world.

Visitors will fall in love with the inhabitants of the two seal pools. These rescued seals suffer mostly from malnutrition and sometimes injuries, which are addressed at Deep Sea World in order to release them back to the wild. The two most common seal species found in the waters on the coast of the United Kingdom are the harbour seal and the grey seal. Making the public aware of the threats faced by these gentle ocean creatures could save a life in the future.

One of the most spectacular features of Deep Sea World is the one hundred and twelve meter underwater tunnel. To withstand the pressure of the water it has an acrylic curvature that is 6.5 centimetres thick. The type of acrylic used in the tunnel is actually utilised in the construction of space shuttles by NASA, making the tunnel extremely safe. Unfortunately, this does make the ocean life that is seen through the tunnel appear to be a bit smaller than what they really are. But after seeing a massive Sand Tiger Shark, also known was a ragged tooth or grey nurse, swim over head, it makes no difference as it is still a magnificent and exhilarating experience.

The Amazon Rainforest is a popular attraction at Deep Sea World, as it is extremely close to its real life counterpart, and is complete with bone chilling thunder heard against the cries of the monkeys, the birds that fill the air with color and is also home to a multitude of forest floor residents. The red-bellied piranhas at Deep Sea World are also extremely popular, and watching their weekly feed is an experience that few people are able to see in the wild, and even fewer want to experience first-hand! Other exhibits such as the Mount Krakatoa villages, the Krakatoa fish tank and Lake Malawi are interactive exhibits that have a few adventures waiting for brave visitors.

Shark diving at the Underwater Safari is an opportunity that should not be missed. Diving down into waters filled with sharks and thousands of other breathtaking fish and rays, is a magnificent way to explore the secrets of the ocean during the day or even at night. Qualified divers are on- hand to complete diving courses with guests that have never scuba-dived before and is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. By involving the public and bringing awareness to marine life and animals, assist conservationists in their efforts. So when in Scotland, do not forget to visit Deep Sea World.