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  • Edinburgh and Lothians


    Stenton, which means Stone town, is a beautiful village found in the East Lothian district, in Scotland. Stenton is not far from towns like Dunbar and East Linton, which are just a couple of kilometers away. This picturesque village has all the basic facilities like shops, post office and a primary school used by the residents here, including a bowling green.

  • Edinburgh and Lothians


    The small village of Innerwick is not generally seen as having any special attraction. It is situated roughly 4 miles south east of Dunbar and overlooks the North Sea. The village and surrounding area have been designated as a conservation area and this is really the reason why the village is so small. However, being a conservation area also has its advantages and while people may not flock ...

  • Attractions

    Edinburgh Zoo

    No matter what your age, a trip to the Edinburgh Zoo is always a treat. The Edinburgh Zoo has a reputation for being the largest wildlife attraction in Scotland and it is not only committed to the protection, comfort and preservation of the animals that it houses, but also to education of the public, and continued conservation of animals in the wild. Edinburgh Zoo states that its mission is ...

  • Attractions

    Cairngorm Reindeer Centre

    Bring your family along for a unique experience. The Cairngorm Reindeers belong to Britain's only herd of reindeer found free ranging in the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland. At the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre you can seperate the facts from the fables about reindeers just by spending some time at the centre.

  • Attractions

    Beecraigs Country Park

    In the picturesque hills of Bathgate, just three miles south from the quaint historical town of Linlithgow, lies the rustic Beecraigs Country Park surrounded by the unfailing beauty of the natural habitat and enveloped within 370 hectares or 913 acres of tranquil scenery. The Country Park is open throughout the year from dawn to dusk, though times will change according to the summer ...

  • Museums

    George Waterson Memorial

    The George Waterson Memorial Centre and Museum is located in Fair Isle, which is part of Shetland. The Orkney and Shetland region has an interesting history, as it was not always part of Scotland. It was Christian I of Denmark that saw to it that Shetland formed part of Scotland. His daughter, Margaret, was married to James III in the 1469, and Christian I had given Orkney ...

  • Fife

    St Andrews

    St Andrews is a wonderfully historical town which seems built for exploring. The town centre is still intact and has a strong medieval layout which makes for fascinating walking tours and excursions. If you take your time you will find several delightful old treasures in amongst the streets, buildings and shopping districts. Shopping is best enjoyed at Market Street and South Street. Maps ...