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  • Shetland


    Standing amidst other islands in the North Isles of Shetland is the second largest, Yell. A quick ferry ride from the Toft and you will arrive on the stunning island of Yell, where you can get to know the local inhabitants which include the ever present otters and abundant birdlife. Shetland's Yell offers visitors a marvelous island adventure.

  • Hebrides


    Iochdar village is located on the Isle of South Uist, which is situated in the Western Isles of Scotland. It has many historical sights and interesting locations, in and around the village, but it is largely known as a good fishing destination in Scotland and home to one of Scotland’s largest jewelry manufacturers.

  • Highlands


    The name Shieldaig means “Herring Bay”, and it was known to be the best herring location from the time that the Vikings dominated the waters. The village itself was only established in 1800 through grants that were given during the rule of Napoleon. In 1815, Napoleon's reign came to an abrupt end, but the fishing village of Shieldaig kept on thriving. Loch Shieldaig still plays ...

  • Attractions

    Five Sisters Zoo Park

    The Five Sister’s Zoo Park had its humble beginnings within the Five Sister’s Garden Centre as a side-line to the main purpose of being a garden centre. Their private collection was made up of a variety of animals and was based on the setting of an amusement centre for children, an original and creative idea with educational benefits in helping to make the young generation more ...

  • Nature Reserves

    Noss National Nature Reserve

    The Noss National Nature Reserve is located on an island that is 313 hectares in size and is only accessible by ferry, and is open in the summer months. Visitors are advised to call the ferry service before planning their trip, as bad weather conditions often cause the ferry to close down operations. The island was once inhabited by humans, approximately 24 people, who used ...

  • Nature Reserves

    Loch Leven National Nature Reserve

    The Loch Leven is a loch which is located within the Loch Leven National Nature Reserve. Being as shallow as what it is, and being a freshwater loch, makes this area extremely attractive to swans, ducks and geese. The Loch Leven also has two islands that are situated in its waters and the Loch Leven Castle stands mystically and proudly on one of these islands. These ...

  • Nature Reserves

    St Cyrus National Nature Reserve

    While not every nature reserve may be very popular, each of them is equally important. The St Cyrus National Nature Reserve is very often not first on a visitor's list of things to see and do, yet this lovely little Scottish nature reserve carefully preserves a wide variety of distinctive plant species. It features a variety of habitats and is also home to a number of birds and insects. ...

  • Nature Reserves

    Loch Ardinning Reserve

    If you travel north for two miles from Milngavie, you will arrive at the 142-hectare Loch Ardinning Reserve. Dr. Robert Ker handed over the reserve to the Scottish Wildlife Trust in 1988. The northern most part of the loch has an abundance of reeds, rushes and sedge while the opposite side of the loch features wet woodland made up of mature willows, birch, alder and carr.

  • Nature Reserves

    Knowetop Loch Reserve

    The Knowetop Lochs Reserve can be found just four miles from Corsock, Dumfries and Galloway. Knowetop has two small lochs on its 23 hectares of land, which are locally known as Lowes Lochs, which means "bright and shiny lochs". The two lochs are not far from each other and are separated by a piece of woodland made up of birch trees. Herons and goosanders are popular by the lochs not only ...

  • Nature Reserves

    Insh Marshes National Nature Reserve

    Insh Marshes National Nature Reserve, located near Kingussie and Kincraig, is a very important wetland covering some 837ha. The River Spey runs right through the Insh Marshes which are part of a natural floodplain in the region. This biologically vital marshland was declared a National Nature Reserve in the year 2003. You certainly don't want to miss seeing this marvelous natural region and ...