Beautiful Flowers of Scotland

Every year around spring time, Scotland's hills and moors take on a magical appearance as flowers begin to blossom and the days begin to grow longer. While the temperature might still be somewhat frosty, these little delights seem to warm up the hearts of many and create a festive and cheery atmosphere all by themselves. They become a promise of rebirth – of the melting of snow capped peaks and warmer, longer days. Yes, spring in Scotland is something which many find truly captivating.

As you make your way around Scotland visiting the various castles and ancient ruins, you will likely find yourself surrounded by huge patches of color – delicate yellow daffodils or azaleas – amongst others – make for some truly fantastic sights in this green, fertile countryside of Scotland. The Scottish Bluebell is another pretty little flower which will put a smile on your face. While some of the gardens you may visit will be carefully cultivated, others may be fairly wild – a hodgepodge of color on a brilliant green canvas. Perhaps you will enjoy the carefully selected and displayed flowers of an old walled garden. A walk through the thick, rich woodlands of Scotland will surely give you further to delight in as the green canopy of trees inspires a different kind of growth. There are also a number of fine horticultural gardens where the most significant native plant species are on display to anyone who might be interested.

Of course, the most famous flower in Scotland is its national flower, the thistle. This prickly-leaved purple flower aptly represents the rugged beauty of the region and was first used in the 15th century as a symbol of defense. Since then, it has become the country’s national flower and it is now known throughout the world for its strikingly hard but beautiful appearance.

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