Architecture in Scotland Through the Ages

The architecture in Scotland can be traced back till before the Bronze Age. Visitors will be stunned at the diversity of the Scottish architecture that drew off various styles across the world, influencing the construction and style of the buildings.

In Scotland, you will be able to see classical architectural styles:
Gothic, Oriental, Byantine, Venetian, Bauhaus, Tuscan and Le Corbusier.
is a country that has many fine examples of many of the architectural
that were popular throughout the centuries and styles that influenced
and communities alike. It is said that the Edwardian era was the most
wonderful period in the history of Scotland. Architecture in Scotland
influenced into the building of elegant and stylish buildings that can
still be seen in most of the libraries located throughout Scotland.

A beautiful example of architecture from the Medieval English period is the ruins of
Rait Castle. The Scottish castle was constructed in the 1300’s – an intimidating
hall-house with arched doorways, round tower and lancet windows. Its
is very similar to what you would expect from a stronghold or
Buildings such as the Elphinstone Tower that was constructed in 1440,
constructed in the architectural Medieval style. The Elphinstone Tower falls into the
of a tower house or small castle and its construction is a simple
design. Inside the thick walls the house is divided into smaller rooms
is generally a two-storey building.

The influence of Art Nouveau in Scottish architecture can be seen in
House. It was designed by the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and
said to be one of his finest achievements. The structure was built from
sandstone and rough-cast, with the interior being spacious, luxurious
extremely detailed. Hill House features beautiful fireplaces, intricate
stencil designs and wardrobes. By the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s the new
architectural style was Brutalism. The Icon that is located in Glasgow
is a
prime example of this style. Glasgow also has a wide variety of
and Georgian architecture, while Edinburgh boasts many Georgian
The architecture in Scotland is a blend of the old and the new, and has
preserved the many forms of architecture that have shaped the country
the centuries.

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