Scotland’s National War Museum

Edinburgh, in Scotland, is home to one of the most visited attractions in Scotland, namely the National War Museum. Some visit to relive old memories and some visit out of curiosity and because of its historical importance. It is a museum that is the heart of Scottish history and the monument representing four-hundred years of fighting and combat. As with most museums of this nature, it causes mixed emotions of victorious battles, tragic losses of human lives and the fear and devastation that only war can bring. It is a reminder to all the brave men that sacrificed themselves, and that has led to a Scotland that we know today. It educates the youth of the present day, as it will many future generations, of a proud heritage and a warning not to make the same mistakes that lead to war, loss and grief.

There are many individual stories of triumph, courage and bravery
by normal Scottish foot soldiers and that of the Highland Soldier
its walls. It takes the visitor from the time that a soldier signed up
defend his country to the time he retires, if lucky, and has only
left to share and tears for his fallen friends. The War
was founded in the year 1930 and is located in the
, which originates from the eighteenth century and has a history
its own. There are separate galleries located in the National War
Museum, each has its own theme and tells a unique story. Throughout the
visitors will experience life as a soldier, be educated on military
strategies, the evolution of weaponry, the advances in soldier uniforms
equipment, and the wars that shaped Scotland and the lives of civilians
during times of war.

The National War Museum also has a vast collection of ammunition,
photographs, battlefield portraits, equipment, medals, silverware,
diaries, prints, ceramics and uniform insignia. The collections have
received private donations to enhance the already spectacular museum
exhibits and some items are family heirlooms or have significant
importance to the families who have donated pieces to the museum.
exhibitions are held regularly at the War Museum and information on
exhibits is available from the museum. The National War Museum is a
fascinating attraction in Scotland and it is recommended to all. To
understand Scotland today is to understand its past, its sacrifices and
soldiers that fought to ensure the survival of their countrymen.

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