Aberdeen Maritime Museum

The award-winning Aberdeen Maritime Museum was first built in 1593 and can be found on the site of the historic Shiprow, which incorporates the Provost Ross's House. The aim of the Aberdeen Museum is to relate to visitors the city's interaction with the sea over the years. With this in mind they have ensured that the whole museum is disabled friendly so that all can benefit from this tour of the Maritime Museum. Children are more than welcome to visit and there have been a number of quiz sheets and workshops made available to give them a more interactive experience.

The Museum is also set out in such a way so as to provide interesting and educational information for all school going children that are brought here. The students are shown an array of different topics, which include topics all about Aberdeen, the Fishing, Oil and transport that was needed. There is also information about the Sea and what it was like during the Victorian times and the story about the “Desperate Journey”. Keep in mind the opening times of the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, which is between 10am to 5pm every day excepting Sunday when it is open from 12pm to 3pm.

The museum gives you a hands on experience of what it would be like to be situated on an oil platform during the time of your stay out there in the middle of the North Sea. It is the only museum of its kind in the United Kingdom that allows you to do this. You will feel what it is like to be expected not only to work but also to live in those harsh conditions. They use computer displays of fishing, real everyday equipment, models like fast clipper ships, and exhibitions of the harbor to bring that experience of the North Sea to life.

The Aberdeen Maritime Museum also has, in its uniquely different collection, fast sailing ships, the process of how ships are built, information about how the port was first built and the history of the fishing trade. From where the Museum is actually situated you can get the real feeling of the harbor just by looking out at the wonderful view of the actual Aberdeen harbor in full use.

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