Glendale Toy Museum

Please note: The Glendale Toy Museum closed down in November 2012

The Glendale Toy Museum is owned by Terry and Paddy Wilding, and it is located just before you reach Dunvegan, in the Isle of Skye. Here you will be met with breathtaking views, crisp fresh air and picturesque scenes of the Outer Hebrides and MacLeods Tables. The Glendale Toy Museum is an attraction in Scotland that is visited by most tourists due to its location and fascinating exhibits. The three acres of land on which it stands also offers accommodation at the Holmisdale House because of its remoteness and comes complete with waterfall and perfect photographic opportunities. The Toy Museum in Skye opened in 1987 but fell victim to an accidental fire in 2002. The fire destroyed the building and only a few collections were saved. The museum building was rebuilt and the exhibits were collected again. The Glendale Toy Museum has also received many awards in regard to quality and diverse collection of exhibits.

Many of the exhibits are not stored behind protective glass, and can
sometimes be handled. The Toy Museum has an extensive range of trains,
buildings, tracks, boats, trucks, dolls, games and traditional games
toys. Some of the train collection that is on exhibit can be seen on a
track exhibit and others in their original boxes. This exhibit includes rare models
as the BR Blue Livery that includes the Prairie Tank Locomotive 2-6-2
Green and the 1st Class Inter-City open coach mk11’s. The Airfix
System is an extremely rare exhibit, as is the A1A-A1A Class 31/4
that are found in the BR Blue Livery. For the boating enthusiasts, some
visitors will remember owning or wanting the Sutcliffe Sea Wolf
Submarine, a
Jetex Speedboat, the Tri-ang RMS Orcades Ocean Liner or desperately
to get their hands on the Tamiya Bismark Naval Vessel.

The doll collection that is every girls dream, includes the Prince
Charles Dolls, two well preserved teddy bears from the year 1910,
dolls, the complete range of Star Wars figurines and the very rare
Gregor and Princess Sasha Dolls. The Glendale Toy Museum has also
popularity for its handmade toys that are on sale to the public and
toys and board games such as drop spindle kits, crokinole boards, Tower
Brahma puzzles, Skye winders, Jacobs’ ladder, Glendale puzzles and
looms. This is a popular attraction in Scotland as both children and
will enjoy the Glendale Toy Museum and the beautiful surroundings that enchant most
visitors that come to this region.

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