Myreton Motor Museum in Aberlady

Situated just one mile from Aberlady is the fascinating Myreton Motor Museum. Inside is an automobile enthusiasts dream world. The large building of the Myreton Motor Museum houses a truly impressive collection of motorcycles, cars and military vehicles. If you love cars then this is the place to go.

Myreton Motor Museum began operating in August of 1966. As you walk inside from the car park your eyes will be met with the amazing site of a grand collection of sparkling vehicles. The display halls give a distinctive air of entering a workshop. Covering the walls are interesting memorabilia including road signs, advertising signs, posters and more. Here and there you will come across motor vehicle related items such as old petrol pumps and pedal cars. There are approximately 50 vehicles on display, from various eras. Some are owned by the museum whilst others are on loan.

One of the oldest models found at the Myreton Motor Museum is an Arnold Benz, dating back to 1897, followed closely by a Leon Bollee of 1898. Intriguing is the General Electric of 1899, an electric car that resembles a carriage. Stop and look at the 1927 Rolls Royce and 1907 De Deon Bouton. Also look out for the 1919 Ford Model TT specifically designed as a commercial vehicle with 14 seats. This very car transported people between Lochgilphead and Crinan Canal. This unusual vehicle is said to have reached speeds of 25mph. You may even recognize some of the vehicles which were used in period television programs and films.

“Wee Blackie” is a well-known 1961 Morris Minor Deluxe Saloon, now housed at the Myreton Motor Museum. This car was originally owned by Eddie Anderson who frequently took it to shows. Since his death in 2001 Mr. Anderson’s widow has allowed the Museum to display the car. You are likely to find it an extremely fine specimen. Visitors may also enjoy looking around the selection of children’s cars. So if you love cars or antiquities, be sure to pay a visit to Myreton Motor Museum. From March through to November the motor museum is open every day of the week from 11:00 am to 04:00 pm. From December to February it is open only on weekends from 11:00 am to 03:00 pm.

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