Scottish Football Museum

The Scottish Football museum belongs to the Scottish Football Association and is their National museum for football. You can locate the Football museum in Glasgow, Scotland in the Hampden Park National Stadium. The Museum is quite unique, taking you through the ages of Scottish football history as well as giving you future plans for the Football Association. This is not the only focus that the museum has it is also interested in various topics that include commercialism, football lifestyles and advertising.

You will need a few hours to explore all the football memorabilia housed here with impressive objects like the oldest match ticket and cap from one of the first international matches held between Scotland and England in 1872, which resulted in a draw. You can also view the Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup that was produced in 1873 and handed over to the Queen’s Park FC in 1984 when they won against Clydesdale. Today it is the oldest national trophy, which is still given to the winning team although now the team is sent home with replica rather then the actual trophy.

You can also view a letter written in 1868 by the Queen’s Park FC to Glasgow Thistle FC outlining match rules and game procedures for the first match challenge in Scotland. There is an exhibition that focuses on famous football players all around the world as well as showing you articles of clothing, boots and match balls used by them. Another interesting exhibition contains video footage of various football clubs playing in the Scottish Football League and the Scottish Premier League. The thought behind this project was to capture the atmosphere on the grounds of all the supporters, players and officials so that each visitor can revisit the game and experience what a match day in Scotland is like.

The Hampden Park Stadium tour gives visitors an idea of what the players experience before and after a match. You get to walk in the underground roadway, see the changing rooms, and walk down the players’ tunnel leading to the stadium. Here you will also find in the players’ warm up area the Coca-Cola Hotshots gallery where you can make a strike and have your kicks speed electronically measured. Tours take place between November and March from 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 3pm as well as between April and October but with an added time of 3:30pm. There is so much to see and experience at the Scottish Football Museum it is truly well worth a visit.

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