National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is another museum that is a favorite attraction in Scotland, and is a comprehensive museum that features the lives of the Scottish people, the different cultures and the land of Scotland. To gain access to the Museum of Scotland, visitors will have to pass through the Royal Museum building that exhibits beautiful collections that have been obtained internationally, that features spectacular nature's works of art, and that of science and culture. It also has a glass ceiling that captivates many visitors.

After passing through the Royal Museum, you will enter a world of
and present beauty. A building that takes visitors on a journey through
universe and back. The National Museum of Scotland is mostly dedicated
the history of Scotland, and has exhibits that are millions of years
old and
opened its doors to curious visitors in 1998. The building itself is a
magnificent work of art and navigating through the museum can
difficult at times. Its seven floors of exhibits cannot be rushed as
might miss something of importance.

The collections that are housed in the Museum of Scotland include a
collection of maps that were designed by Timothy Pont and originate
from the
sixteenth and seventeenth century. There are approximately 10 000
that are exhibited within the museum, including items that were used in
everyday lives of the Scottish in the past. Prehistoric jewellery and
flags that were raised at the Battle of Culloden can also be viewed.
and war exhibits depict the Scottish independence struggles.
artifacts that are dated back to Ancient Egypt, such as mummies, is an
extraordinary exhibit as well as the Lewis Chessmen, of which the
Museum of Scotland is in possession of ten. The history from the year
up and till World War I, is wonderfully exhibited and the roof top
garden is
not to be missed, not only for the sculptures, but for the magnificent

Paintings decorate the walls and sculptures that were created by the
hands of Andy Goldsworth and Sir Eduardo Paolozzi are amongst the
pieces of art in the National Museum of Scotland. This marvelous attraction in
Scotland has color coded its exhibits and there are numbers as well, to
ensure that visitors to this museum do not unknowingly pass by some of
exhibits and assists in guiding you around the museum building. The
Museum of Scotland is a great experience and a museum attraction in
that is comprehensive and recommended.

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