Clan Donnachaidh Museum

Clan Donnachaidh Museum is dedicated to the clan which bears its name. The name Donnachaidh means “children of Duncan”. Inside the museum you will discover a variety of items, including documents, pictures, books and so forth, which relate to the clan of Donnachaidh. Also contained in this fascinating Scottish museum is the mystical Stone of the Standard or Clan na Bratach. The museum of the clan of Donnachaidh was established in 1969 by the Duke of Atholl and is situated at Bruar Falls of Perthshire. It also serves as the base for the Donnachaidh Clan Society.

According to legend, the Clan Donnachaidh was blessed with the healing crystal, which they called the Stone of the Standard. This marvelous find was discovered whilst the men of the clan were marching toward Banockburn on a mission to assist Robert the Bruce in warfare. This was back in 1314. They planted the clan standard in the ground at Bannockburn and when it was lifted the crystal was seen. Soon the Scottish forces gain victory on the battlefield. In 1715 the unusual crystal cracked and was followed by an unsuccessful battle at Sheriffmuir.

The clan of Donnachaidh originated from the joining of Pictish and Scottish nobility of the Kindred of St. Columba. The chief clan name is Robertson. Many septs have been formed by those who descended from the chiefs and the families that resided on Donnachaidh clan estates. The chiefs of the clan of Donnachaidh descended from Duncan the Stout who was alive during the 1300s. Robert, his son inherited the lands from his mother which ran from the Grampians right up to Perth. In later years chief Robert Riach was able to apprehend the murderers of King James I and was thus rewarded by James II. His reward resulted in the lands under his control becoming a feudal barony, with him as leader. The barony became known as Struan and Robert Riach as Robertson (ie. Robert of Struan). Some of the septs which fall under the Clan Donnachaidh are Duncan, Reid, Connachi, Donachie, Robson, Roy, Stark, Tannoch and others.

Even if your family line does not originate with the Donnachaidh clan, you will still find the clan’s museum interesting to look through.

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