Hawick Museum at Wilton Lodge Park

Situated at Wilton Lodge Park in Hawick, the Hawick Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon. This small museum is perhaps more commonly known for a number of ancient Egyptian treasures which were recently discovered in the museum's basement. Until recently, it had always been known that these pottery fragments existed but they had never been dated and so their true worth was unknown. However, following a request sent out by the British Museum, the final steps of dating and numbering these pottery items were finally taken with astounding results. Much of the pottery dates from between 2040 – 1750 BC! The earthenware fragments were discovered by an English archaeologist by the name of John Garstang. The fragments were taken from tombs during the early 1900s and have been hiding at the museum ever since.

The Hawick Museum is rated as a 3-star museum and it features a number of permanent displays – most of which pertain to local themes. These themes may include natural science, military history and the story of Hawick’s hosiery and knitwear industry which became world-renowned in its time. There are also some short-duration displays at the gallery. The Fabulous Fifties display takes a look at life in the area during the 1950s, detailing the changes in fashion and interior design as well as in travel and technology. It provides interesting insight into the past and makes for a memorable trip through time. The Britain At War display, on the other hand, might leave you with gooseflesh since it gives insight into the many difficulties that everyday people had to face during the Second World War – including building garden bomb-shelters to protect themselves and their families. The exhibit features life-size displays and helps you to explore a number of aspects about the war that will give you a new appreciation for people who lived during that time. On the other hand the Wartime Diversions display takes a lighter look at war, focusing more on the fashion and entertainment of that time period.

Another favorite is the Jimmie Guthrie Room which explores takes you along the career path of this motorcycling ace from the 1930s. An exhibit featuring the Egyptian potter pieces mentioned above should be available soon. The Hawick Museum is open most days though you should check ahead to be sure and admission is usually free. Wheel chair access is also available for the handicapped.

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