Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

Located in the Scottish Highlands is lovely city of Inverness. A bustling tourist destination, Inverness boasts a number of popular attractions. One such attraction is the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. Offering visitors a remarkable experience to view many exhibits as well as engage in a selection of activities, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery will interest everyone.

Inverness Castle watches over the marvelous Inverness Museum and Art Gallery wherein visitors will come across items related to history, warfare, archeology, costumes, textiles, fine art, applied art, natural sciences, technology, coins, music and more. For an in-depth look into the Scottish Highland’s history which spans several centuries, this is the place to go. As you enter the ground floor of the Inverness Museum you will find the permanent displays based on geological and natural history themes. It certainly provides many details on the regions wealth of archaeological discoveries. Also located on the ground floor is the new Discovery Center, which we will look at in a moment. Walking upstairs you will find an impressive display of weapons, bagpipes and silverware. Exquisite artworks line the walls. The temporary exhibition gallery is housed upstairs too.

In the Inverness Museum’s exciting Discovery Center, the entire family can enjoy a hands-on adventure. Various objects can be touched and the museum encourages visitors to take a closer look at all the items. In fact there are more than 1 000 of these items for visitors to handle. Children will love the dressing-up box or searching for hid treasures in the sand pit. Other features include a video macroscope, quern stone (grind corn yourself) and computer controlled camera.

The Museum building is also home to the Inverness Museum Records Center, created in 1976. This section of the museum has collected vast amounts of data relating to the Highlands and particularly to its wildlife.

Inverness Museum and Art Gallery provides an all-round enjoyable and enlightening day. Frequently the museum will host recitals and lunchtime talks as well as many other fun-filled activities. The staff members are highly trained and will be able to provide you with answers to questions you may have. Visit the Museum Shop if you want to purchase a souvenir or a book. Enjoy a light meal at the café. Definitely don’t miss a visit to the Inverness Museum, it is a truly remarkable journey from past to present.

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