The Intriguing Dumfries Museum

The Dumfries Museum is located in the small town of Dumfries, which is in the Scottish South West. The town of Dumfries became a royal burgh in the year 1186 and was an important Scottish border for many years. Even though Dumfries is not the hub of Scotland, it has seen its fair share of famous people that lived here. Allan McNish became an accomplished Formula One racing driver, the author of the world famous novel Peter Pan, James Matthew Barrie, received his education at the Dumfries Academy and the respected poet, Robert Burns, made Dumfries his home from 1759. Burns passed away in Dumfries in 1796. Even the well-known band Genesis saw its humble beginnings in this town. Dumfries has a rich and interesting history, from the frontlines of battle to the world of art and culture.

The Dumfries Museum is an important attraction in
, as it focuses on the history of
and its surrounding areas. The museum was established in and around the
windmill that stands guard over the town, and was constructed in the
eighteenth century. What makes the museum unique is that its exhibits
not restricted to the building with activities and tours being
organized by
the curators of the museum. Interesting artifacts such as stone
carvings and
footprints of prehistoric animals are found at the museum, including
that were used by previous inhabitants of the area and interesting
tools can
also be viewed. The lives of people living in the Victorian era can be
in the farm exhibits, the Victorian home and a workshop. The museum
focuses on the wildlife that was and can be found in the salt marshes

Located in the top half of the windmill is the Camera
. The Camera Obscura is an ancient instrument that was
for astronomical purposes, but now gives visitors the most beautiful
scenic views of the town of Dumfries. This fascinating instrument was
installed in the windmill in the year 1836, and has a relatively good
viewing range on a clear day, which enables visitors to view the areas
surrounding Dumfries. The museum also has a small shop where
memorabilia is sold, in the form of gifts and toys that are sold at
reasonable prices, so that even the children are able to make their own
purchases. The Dumfries Museum and Camera Obscura are wonderful to
and a worthy attraction in Scotland.

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